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Price for Air Conditioning Construction

At Rising Son Express Corporation, we not only provide new AC products

but we service and maintain air conditioning products as well !




<4.0 kw AC and UNDER>

Removal of AC unit if installing the new unit  \3,000

Removal of AC unit and not installing the new unit¥4,500

Standard installation of used AC(+Cu tubing per meter)¥12,500

※Additional fee for ¥2200 for 2/3 tubing

Standard installation of new AC
(including 4 meter
 Cu tubing, Taping, Drain hose, Cable, Foot base)¥15,000

※Additional fee for ¥2200 for 2/3 Tubing

<4.0 kw AC and OVER>

Removal of AC unit and not installing the new unit ¥5,500

Removal of AC if installing the new unit \4,500

Standard Installation of used AC (+Cu tubing per meter)¥14,500

※Additional fee for ¥2500 for 2/4 tubing                                              

New AC installation (including 4 meter Cu tubing, Taping, Drain hose, Cable, Foot base)¥16,000

※Additional Fee ¥2,500 for 2/4 Cu tubing  

※Installation of those AC with Ventilation system, \3,000 will be added to above installation fee.


<Concealing pipe construction or compressor unit to be place on different floor, need additional charge>    Compressor Rack 2 units(4.5kw maximum, including material) ¥18,000

Compressor Roofing Rack (4.5kw maximum, including material) ¥12,000

Veranda Ceiling Mount (bolts in Place 4.5kw maximum, including material) ¥12,000

Compressor Wall Mount ( up to 3meters above the ground 4.5kw maximum including material ) ¥12,000


<About Window AC>

 Removal of Window Air Conditioning \5,000

 Installation of Window Air Conditioning  \6,500


<About Recycle charge fee>

 Disposal of per AC (Recycle fee )   \3,000


 <Additional Construction fees>  

 AC tubing extension size2/3Cu tubing 1m(from 4m and above) \2,200

 AC tubing extension size 2/4Cu tubing 1m ( from 4m and above)\2,500

 Simple Transition of Voltage Change( from100v to 200v) \2,500

 Change plug endcap  \2,500

 Addition of 100v dedicated circuit    \12,000

 Addition of 200v dedicated circuit  20,000



We may need to carry out a site survey before the installation and 3,000 will be charged for this.

However this service charge will be deducted from the price of the installation.


Installation services are backed by a 1-year parts and labor warranty


Please pay by cash for above services on the day of construction.

Tax is not included.


Thank you !





Please Call us for any inquiry

TEL  042-334-9511


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