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日立 白クマくん コンパクトサイズのシンプルエアコン




ソフト除湿 噴き出す風の量をコントロール、肌寒さを抑えながら除湿します。


 Factory direct AC’s!

The following prices include Standard Installation for free!  As a bonus and token of appreciation of purchase of one of the following units,  we will remove and dispose of your old AC unit for FREE! 

Reserve yours today, but hurry numbers are limited!  

This season’s feature Air Conditioner is the Hitachi-Shirokuma Kun compact.  A simple style air conditioner and dehumidifier unit with an elegant design.  The compact unit is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms or small offices.  Compact in size, yet high quality in performance and efficiency.  These units come with a proud Energy Efficiency Class rating for both Cooling and Heating. 






  • 室内機の取り付け

  • 配管パイプ・連絡導線:4mまで

  • 配管穴がある配管穴あけの場合:木造・モルタル1ヶ所。(コンクリート・タイル、寒冷地仕様住宅の壁の穴あけ等は別料金)

  • 室外機の取り付け:大地置き、ベランダ置き

  • 既存のアース線への接続


Standard Installation includes

  • Connecting the indoor unit and external unit with up to 4 meters of copper refrigerant pipework, passing through one standard brick cavity wall.

  • Compressor unit will be placed  at ground floor level.







For any installation that doesn't fit our standard package, please click here.

If you have any specific questions, please call gives us a call!





上記のサービスエリアは 出張費無料となっております。



<SERVICE AREAS > This Standard air conditioning installation applies to the ares of  Inagi, Kiyose, Kunitachi, Koganei, Kokubunji, Kodaira, Komae, Tachikawa,Tama, Chofu, Nishitokyo, Higashikurume, HIgashimurayama, Higashiyamato, Hino, Fuchu, Machida, Mitaka, Musashino, Musashimurayama, Akishima, Hachioji, For those ares not listed above, additional charges will be incurred for travelling beyond this distance. Please call us for a quote for longer distance at 042-334-9511 

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